3/8/2016 – Edad – Aspen ~ Courage – Focus

Edad I found information about this tree rather thin on the Internet. Blamires has this tree at the top end of the progression of trees and links it to the Birch. This is interesting because Birch has come up as a symbol with a magickal friend of mine. Birch meaning beginnings, Blamires says that this is the beginning that starts when you have obtain significant knowledge on a subject and are ready to experiment.

Given my focus on leadership writing and exploration I find that focus is needed to decipher what the gods are trying to tell you. The language between humans and the gods is filled with symbols and suggestions and can often leave even the most solid practitioner wondering what they are trying to tell us.

So, today, I am glad I have people around me that I can talk through the messages the gods give me and I am being encouraged to continue to focus and courageously look at all the information I am receiving.

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