3/4/2016 – Gort – Friendship ~ Survival

g-gortSurvival and Accountability

I pulled this ogham early yesterday and cringed. I am at high risk for breast cancer and so I see a specialty group annually. There they do all the screenings available: mammogram, ultrasound, physical exam. When you leave (usually three to four hours later) you leave with your test results and a plan.

Pulling “survival” made me not want to think to hard about what Gort was going to teach me yesterday.

Gort was right – survival means you have to have a tenacity. Living means you have to be tenacious. You have to be willing to go sit for three or four hours to ensure your health. You have to be willing to work out and eat right and not smoke and meditate if you have any desire to survive.

They found new cysts to watch and because of go to this specialty location, I was able to have extra testing down immediately to determine my plan which is to come back in year. They know this because they have all the test from the past four years to look at which is why I will go there next year and be reminded of survival again.

Gort was also about friendship. Not wanting to freak out a bunch of people when I knew things were not “normal” because suddenly I was schedule to redo tests and the technicians are obviously measuring masses in my breast, I wrote my craft sister and co-high priestess, Disa. I experienced my text based freak out with her knowing she would not freak out too, she would ask questions and hold my hand through text message until the official word could come down. I knew I wasn’t interrupting her day or stressing her out. I was leaning on her in friendship.

She and I have teamed up with – let’s call him Gwydion – in a accountability group. We text each other every day to ask about things we are each trying to work on. Disa is trying to stop smoking and is pulling a daily rune and a weekly runic spread. Gwydion is working on daily offerings and meditation to rest his brain (not connect with the gods). I am working on meditation to rest my brain and trying to stop eating junk between meals and near bed time. This growing accountability relationship with them has helped me do hard things and deal with hard issues in my life without judgement. The next Ogham will expand on the use of accountability partners.

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