3/2/2016 ~Nion ~ Ash ~ Journeys Action


Tree Lore: Ashe Order of the Bards, Ovates, & Druidsash_drew_nion

Thus the Ash tree is associated with positive enchantment and application of will to destiny, which in many cases represents a healing process as the individual comes into contact with the truth of their own identity and the shamanic wound.


I didn’t write much about this pull because I had spent the day in great sorrow. As a thriver of incest and familial abuse, some times, some days strike back and pull my wound open and it feels fresh and bloody and as if it never healed at all. This day was one of those days. I had to do something I didn’t want to do. I had to confront someone I love deeply with hard deep truths and in doing so I triggered every single horrible feeling I have ever had. For me – the people who love me – it is always somehow conditional and never quite real or solid or lasting. When I stand up for myself and hold my boundaries, I worry that I will find people unwilling to continue to love me. So this post and pull was a simple reflection of the fact that my shamanic wound and identity was bleeding everywhere. 3/3/2016 #DiaWrites



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