Super Tuesday: Go and Vote

12771506_10208598234657181_1534600744041270841_o Something to know about me – I HATE SELFIES. However, voting is a good reason to post ridiculous selfies.

I posted today on WDSC Facebook group the following statement and I wanted to re-post it here. Because voting is important.

POLITICS – In WDSC we have a varied representation of political opinion. We try hard to keep party politics out of WDSC. However, WDSC does believe that you should VOTE. Everyone, no matter who you vote for, should vote. Today is the day. Don’t let your country down – and don’t tell us who you voted for. Voting is kind of like your soul. How you vote is between, you, your vision of the Divine and the person you voted for. You just have to vote like voting is as fundamental to your life as a soul is. LMNC 3/1/2016, WDSC Group Facebook Post

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